Labour Market Update

What’s Happening in the North Okanagan and the Province

B.C.’s Labour Market Outlook

B.C.’s Labour Market Outlook report is a ten-year forecast of the flow of supply and demand for labour in the province. The publication is updated every year to give British Columbians the information they need to make informed decisions on careers, skills training, education, and hiring.

Industry Information

British Columbia’s diverse industries provide a rich and varied range of job opportunities. Investigate B.C. industries and what’s ahead for them to 2028. Learn how industry partnership projects develop labour market information and strategies.

Regional Profiles

B.C. is divided into seven economic development regions. Each are diverse and offer unique job opportunities now and in the future. Learn about employment statistics, population data, 10-year labour market outlooks and more for the Thompson-Okanagan and North Okanagan region.

B.C.’s Economy

B.C.’s economy is constantly evolving. And these changes directly affect the number and type of jobs available. Green technology, digital media, life sciences and service industries including health care are expected to offer particularly strong job opportunities